We offer advanced smart superior technology

Setmovision acts on the intersection of Science and advanced Emerging Technologies.


Setmovision identifies, develops and offers smart advanced superior information technology solutions and services and is exploring new ideas, technology, and approaches in selected market sectors around the globe. We work closely with our global business partners to find the products and services that best meet client's strategic, business, technical and environmental requirements in a constant flux.



Setmovison’s executive leadership provides hand-on support to our clients. We believe that our culture of performance and respect must start from the top.


We are developing connectivity digital platforms to add value to each sector with innovative technology and impetus for your business. We have more than 35 years intensive knowledge and business sector experience as we understand today’s topics and our senior executives understand your business.



We offer advanced smart superior technology for our customers to improve performance and save cost. The company emphasizes excellence in program management and continual improvement in all of its operations. We deliver when others can’t make.


Setmovision sensor systems offer a diverse portfolio of innovative advanced sensor technologies across airborne, maritime, land domains and commercial sectors.


Setmovision quantum software services offers a diverse portfolio of innovative software technologies across government and commercial sectors.



Setmovision remains dedicated to creating value for our clients, our shareholders, our employees and our communities. We serve clients with honesty, integrity, commitment, and respect.