Our advanced solutions

Our advanced Quantum Software Service and state-of the art intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance solutions in the domain of high-advanced multi-fusion sensor exploitation capabilities and offering various mobile, fixed technical platforms, X-ray, Laser Optical,  Radar, IR Video, IoT, Ultrasound technologies, high advanced unattended sensors. Innovative robotics for multi domain applications in public and private sectors. Unmanned aircraft, real-time data analytics and autonomy.


Quantum Software Services

Quantum Computing, is a cloud-based quantum software vendor, offering ready-to-run software for complex optimization computations.


Our flagship software solution, Qatalyst, is the industry’s only quantum application accelerator, empowering today’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to immediately leverage the power of quantum techniques for faster, better, and more diverse business decisions - with no need for quantum expertise or training. Operational implementation within one week.


Global Supply chain complex issues offers an unique solution. Bank transaction

monitoring identify anomalies and covered pattern. 


Petrochemical Division


Ultrasound Technology Platform

Product Acoustic Signature System (PASS) can identify the contents of hundreds of sealed containers in seconds (per container), without the need to open a single container. Developed for use by the US Military and voted one of the most technologically significant products in the world by R&D Magazine, this battery powered, handheld device uses ultrasonic pulses to probe liquid or bulk-solid contents of containers, and is so simple it can be used with minimal training. Interrogate sealed containers to identify liquid and bulk solid contents, including chemical warfare agents, petroleum products, industrial reagents without opening containers.


PASS is a Unique Detection Solution for Customs. PASS is portable, fast and effective on objects from 10 cm to over 5 meters in diameter.  It is so sensitive it detects the difference between different grades of diesel fuel.


Based on Patented Technology PASS uses a combination of ultrasonic pulses and computerized analysis, based on technology developed on behalf of the U. S. Department of Energy. Low and high-level ultrasonic sound waves are launched into a container, and return echoes are analyzed.


Chemical Leak Detection by high advanced detection systems

Rapid detection of chemical leaks is crucial in high industrial settings. Accidental release of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) can place worker safety, locals, and the environment at risk.


Chemical leaks can impact the operation of chemical processes by changing process parameters — or cause fires and explosions that shut down entire production lines. Occupational safety and environmental regulations make it essential for factories, refineries, and other production facilities to quickly detect and identify hazardous chemicals.



Remote sensing technology by Satelytics



Oil & Gas

Monitor facilities for oil and natural gas leaks, monitor remediation programs for regulatory compliance, and identify contamination risks.



Identify high consequence areas, scan for hydrocarbon leaks, and monitor thousands of miles of pipeline for potential threat and vegetation management.


Power Utilities

Visualize thermal plumes near power stations, monitor post-combustion waste sites, and monitor thousands of miles of right-of-way for vegetation management.


Sensing Division


PASS ultrasound sensing

A unique quality Management Control System to monitor and control tank fuel transport by PASS embedded software

Collected Data is compared from Entry Point and Destination Point for each fuel compartment on each truck and results are displayed in the Portal for Inspectors to act on it.


Laser Electro Optical Platform

We are providing laser and electro-optical standoff threat detection sensors for defense and security applications through it’s unique, leading-edge technologies for detection of threats, bombs, IEDs and chemicals at standoff ranges. Informed official sources have cited our systems as “best in the world” in terms of longest ranges and greatest deployable maturity. Our systems include man-portable, vehicle-portable, and stationary systems that are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructures. Integrated handheld and UAV

with real time detection capabilities.


Transport Cargo Trucks Scanning Platform

We offering the next generation high advanced small form factor scanning vehicle solutions, vans, cars to help authorities search for weapons, nuclear material, narcotics, undeclared goods and other contraband at cargo terminals, border crossings, military facilities and other checkpoints. Easy to install and operate within 10 minutes.


CBRN long range sensing 5km.

Stand-off and long-range detection and identification of airborne chemicals. Small concentrations, far distances in kilometers and precision matched only by point detectors will give you an unparalleled advantage. With our flagship product, Falcon 4G, you can simply visualize cloud in 3D image without necessity to have two or three detectors aligned for triangulation. 


High advanced CBRN remote sensing to detect substances, short and long distances to  protect civil and military assets.